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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My 25 Favorite Disney Things #9

Whoo hoo!!  Single digits!  That means we are only 9 days away from Christmas!  Ok, so getting to my #9 pick on the list of my 25 favorite things at Walt Disney World............
Character Greetings is in the #9 spot!

I just love meeting the characters and getting autographs.  I know.........autographs!  Well, I do think it's fun to look at my book at the end of the day who I met, and who signed your book. 

My last trip was all about Princesses!  Even though other characters are way too awesome to miss, I made sure this time that I got to see lots of Princesses!

Here are some of my character greeting pictures from May!  Enjoy!

Meeting the Beast for the first time at Be Our Guest restaurant!  

 Photo op with Marie!

Me and the Big Cheese himself!



Meeting Rapunzel for the first time!

Mary Poppins and penguin!  So cute!

Doug and  Russell from UP!


Baloo and King Louie!

Minnie Mouse......always so sweet!

Winnie the Pooh!

My very favorite, Eeyore!

Tigger!  We bounced together!

Here with Brent Dodge and Amy Petermann, we met Storm Trooper Donald and Goofy Vadar at the "May the 4th Be With You" day!

Chip and Dale at Epcot

Panchito Pistoles, Donald Duck, José Carioca, The Three Caballeros!  Oh, and me too!

Meeting Mulan!

At Akershur meeting Princess Jasmine!

Doing the Snow White pose!

My favorite Princess, Ariel!

At Cinderella's Royal Table, with Snow White again!

Jasmine again (same girl as the night before....she remembered me!)

Aurora and me!

With Cinderella again!

At Magic Kingdom on my last full day, I got to meet up with Woody and Jesse!  Love them!

Join us again we reveal #8!!  See you then!


  1. You have met a lot of them. You look so happy in all the pictures. You must have had a great deal of pleasure from those meets.

    1. There were still quite a few characters I missed.....but I did get a lot this time! Especially Princesses!