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Monday, December 16, 2013

My 25 Favorite Disney Things #10

Monday, December 16, and we are ready to reveal our #10 pick on my list of my 25 favorite things.  This is getting exciting now!  So, without further delay......... #10 is BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN RAILROAD!

The Wildest Ride in the Wilderness!

Really love this attraction.  Mainly because I remember it made my ex sick!  LOL!!  Oh, ok.........I can't be mean!  I really love it, because it was a favorite my my youngest son, Tim.  After we went on the very first time together (back when he was old enough to ride...I think he was 6 or 7), he begged me to take him on again.  My older son and their Dad did not like it, and said they felt sick.  Wimps!  Oh, sorry.........

Anyway, the ride is pure fun, gives you an adrenalin rush, and the scenery is great!

Here is what the Walt Disney World website says about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad:

The Wildest Ride in the Wilderness

Dash in and out of desert caverns and rumble through a haunted mine aboard a speeding train.
Amid rugged bedrock and desert cactus, venture inside a nearly 200-foot mountain to the Big Thunder Mining Company, established in the early days of America’s Gold Rush. Traipse down into an abandoned mine shaft and discover a mysterious 5-car locomotive waiting to take you on a journey inside an abandoned shaft.
Hang Onto Your Hats!
Hurl forward into the darkness of the tunnel as the train’s wheels chug back and forth across a rickety track. Swoop around sharp turns and dip and drop into canyons and caves, darting through the ghost town of Tumbleweed.
Peel under a booming waterfall, past rock formations, and dodge a rumbling boulder from an inexplicable landslide. Along your adventure, glimpse the remnants of a flash flood and behold a bevy of local critters—including bats, opossum and a goat—before hastily making your way back to the safety of the railroad station.

The Big Thunder Mountain Legend

Legend has it that a supernatural force dwells within the mountain. When gold was first discovered in the 1850s, a mining company was established. But soon, eerie things began to occur. Miners heard ghostly sounds, cave-ins became frequent and equipment mysteriously failed. Trains would take off and race through the mine and around the mountain driverless! Word got out that the mine was haunted and Big Thunder became another ghost town.
Years later, when eyewitness accounts had faded into folklore, new prospectors resurrected the Mining Company and began blasting into the spooky mountain once again. But as the new settlers became aware, some legends turn out to be true.

A Train Ride for the Entire Family

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a speedy rollercoaster-type attraction designed with your entire family in mind. However, some parts of this attraction are bumpy and, in some instances, take place in the dark.

 Here is a great video for you to see!  It's in HD, and it is the front seat POV!

Come back tomorrow when we hit single digits as we reveal our #9 pick........and it is another attraction!
See ya tomorrow "pardner!"

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