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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Scuttle Sunday

The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney Princess, and the movie is on my top 5 list of favorites!  
Here we find Ariel's pal who lives above the water, and he tells her all sorts of crazy things, and gives the strangest names it inanimate the picture below holding the fork which he has called "a "dinglehopper!"

Here is the hairstyle he shows Ariel she can get using the dinglehopper!

Crazy and adorable..........that's Scuttle!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sultan Saturday!

Here we have the Sultan from Aladdin.  He is the Father of Princess Jasmine!  Aladdin is in my top 10 list of favorite Disney films, and I juve the character of the Suntan! 

Friday, May 29, 2015

FOODIE FRIDAY! What do you think of the Cronut?

The official name is "Croissant Doughnut," but it is lovingly called the "Cronut" but all who have had the pleasure of biting in to one of these beauties!  We have not had that pleasure as of yet, but it is for sure on my list of items to savor on our next trip.  

How could you not want to sink your teeth into this baby??

Cronut's are available at the Refreshment Port in EPCOT World Showcase!  This has got my name ALL over it!!

Flit Friday!

I love the Disney film Pocahontas, and I love the little bird charcter named Flit.  He is an adorable humming bird, hence the name "Flit."  

Thursday, May 28, 2015

THROWBACK THURSDAY! Have You Experienced Character's in Flight?

My experience on Character's in Flight at Downtown Disney was so fun and so thrilling....that I plan on doing it again!  There is a coupon in the 2015 Birnbaum's Guidebook to Walt Disney World for 20% off, so for sure we will be using it.  Since we are staying so close, it will be just a short boat ride over there! 

Fun and thrilling, coming from someone who has been afraid of heights a good portion of her adult life, means there is really nothing scary about this!  

Tug Thursday

Tug is one of my favorite characters from Brother Bear.  I love his deep and friendly voice.  

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY! It's A Small World After All............

Wilbur Wednesday!

Below you will find Wilbur that crazy albatross from Disney's Rescuers Down Under!  I have always loved this film, and it was one of my sons favorites.  I think we watched the VHS tape about once a week.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tuck (from A Bug's Life) Tuesday

Here you see Tuck and Roll from a great Disney/Pixar film, A Bug's Life.  I love this movie, and I love the moral of the story, which is positive thinking and being good pays off in the end.

Image result for Tuck from A Bug's LIfeThey really are a couple of characters!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy 83rd Birthday to GOOFY!!

My Disney Pin Monday

Forever will I love this weeks feature pin.  I got this on our last cruise aboard the Disney Wonder.  This was such a wonderful adventure, and we had such a fantastic time.  Each time I look at this pin, I get a warm spot in my heart!

Mama Odie Monday!

I really love the film The Princess and the Frog.  One of my favorite characters from the movie is Mama Odie........that tooth-less wonder of the Bayou!  If you have never seen the film, you owe it to yourself to watch it.  

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sheriff Sunday!

As most people know, I have a love the Disney/Pixar films and I really love CARS!  One of the characters from the film is not one of the most popular, but I think he is defiantly underrated.  Sheriff his his name, and law enforcement is his game.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Slinky Saturday!

One of my favorite characters from the TOY STORY series of Disney/Pixar animated films is Slinky Dog.  He's just so adorable!  How can you not love him!?

Friday, May 22, 2015

FOODIE FRIDAY! Sassagoula Float Works and Food Factory!

Floatworks Sign

Mardi Gras Theming

. Six Beignets
[New Orleans style doughnuts, Signature Item]
2. Three Beignets (one DDP snack credit)
[New Orleans style doughnuts, Signature Item]

Celebrate Mardi Gras every day in this converted warehouse setting, festooned with authentic festive parade props (literally a parade construction “float works”) where you’ll find an irresistible mixture of ruckus and aromas in French Quarter Square for breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening snacks. This 6,247 sq. ft. food court seats up to 300 people.
Specialties include hearty breakfasts, the famous New Orleans style Beignets and fresh baked goods, pizza, pasta, hamburgers, split-roasted chicken, BBQ ribs, Po’ Boys and scrumptious sandwiches.
The “Disney Dining Plan” and “Tables in Wonderland” discount programs are both accepted at this location.
We are thrilled to announce that we have switched our reservation for our stay in August from Port Orleans Riverside, to Port Orleans French Quarter where Sassagoula Float Works and Food Factory is located!!  This is really where we wanted to stay from the beginning, and I am so happy that we have made the decision to switch.  
This is the location of my first stay on Disney property when my boys were young, and on their very first trip.  It will bring back happy memories!

Fifi Friday!

Fifi from Beauty and the Beast is so sexy for a feather duster...........don't you think???  Wee wee, Fifi!

And, then as a human...........indeed she is!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Throwback Thursday! The Day Pluto Almost Proposed!

Looking back at our trip from February of 2010, I found a couple pictures that I just love!  When we got up to our meet and greet with Pluto, he got down on his knee to ask me to marry him...........but then he noticed my pin that said "Just Married" (that I featured last week).  He was heartbroken, and was going to cry.  

Fun experiences like this, stay with you forever!

Tod Thursday!

One of my favorite characters from a Disney animated film is Tod from The Fox and the Hound.  He is adorable as a young fox, and also as he matures.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY! That "aaahhhh" Spot at Epcot!

Winifred Wednesday

Since we had an elephant character yesterday, I thought I would keep to the pattern and  feature Winifred from my all time favorite Disney animated film, Jungle Book!  I love the character of Winifred and how she talks back to her "stuffed shirt" husband Colonel Hathi.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tantor Tuesday

Tarzan is not one of my favorite Disney movies, but I just love the elephant character Tantor!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Magic Carpet Monday!

One of my favorite things from Disney's Aladdin, is the Magic Carpet!  Really, no words from this "character" are necessary as the movement of the carpet really gives you great ideas of expressions.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


True to his name, Sleepy is always weary and droopy-eyed and is always eager to fall asleep. Despite his laziness, he often proves to be the most observant and sensible of the dwarfs, whether he notices or not. He is constantly pestered by a fly.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Paul and I celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary today.  I can't believe it's been six years!  Where does the time go?  Yes, we have been to hell and back with his cancer, and fortunately he is now a four year cancer survivor, and going strong!  We have for sure had some rough points, but we have really had more fun than anything.  I love this guy more than I can ever even try to put into words.  He is the love of my life, and my true soul mate!

Happy Anniversary to the best husband I could ever hope to have!!  I love you so very much!


Scrooge McDuck (also known as Uncle Scrooge) is a Glaswegian duck created by Carl Barks. He is Donald Duck's rich uncle who first appeared in Four Color Comics #178 in the story Christmas on Bear Mountain, published by Dell Comics in December of 1947. Over the decades, Scrooge has emerged from a supporting character in the comic book world to one of the most popular, beloved, and recognizable Disney characters.

No man is poor who can do what he likes to do once in a while! And I like to dive around in my money like a porpoise! And burrow through it like a gopher! And toss it up and let it hit me on the head!
―Scrooge McDuck