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Friday, May 27, 2016

FOODIE FRIDAY - French Market Restaurant in Disneyland Park

Ornate sign for French Market restaurant at Disneyland Park
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The French Market Restaurant is located of course in the New Orleans Square area of Disneyland Park, and is located near the train depot.  When the weather is great you can sit on the open-air terrace enjoying the many foods this quick-service location has to offer, such as Cajun meat loaf, oven-roasted chicken, salmon and more of cajun-creole variety.  

Dixieland jazz music is played from time to time during the evening played by the Royal Street Bachelors. 

There is a lunch menu from 11am to 4pm, and dinner is from 4pm to closing time.  

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Lunch Menu

Disneyland Park, New Orleans Square
Fast Casual Dining

Stop by again next week and see the next location we will possibly visit on our September trip to Disneyland!