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Friday, February 16, 2018

FOODIE FRIDAY! Our Last Post Before Our Trip!

Completing our last FOODIE FRIDAY before our trip is kinda sad in a way.  When you use the perspective of "now we will be there next week, and the following week it will all be over," that's sad.

We are now five days away.......and I am scrambling last minute to get all my things in order to take with.  The weather has been great, but February in Florida, you never know what to expect, so I am packing for several different scenarios.  I am sure I will be over-packing as usual, but oh well.

Here is the breakdown of our dining choices for this trip (and we will throw in a few "spur of the moment" places as well I am sure.

Arrival date: Dinner at Morimoto Asia.  I really can't wait to dine at this location.  First of all, I love Japanese food.  I could live on sushi if I had to!  Disney states " experience the finest Pan-Asian cuisine."  Morimoto's unique take on Japanese, Chinese and Korean food and culture."

Thursday we will have breakfast at the resort, and head to EPCOT for EXTRA MAGIC HOURS at 8am, or we will head there to have breakfast.  Lunch is planned for a quick service location, Yorkshire Country Fish Shop.  
Dinner is 4:30 at LeCellier.  We have never dined here before, so we can't wait!

Friday we have our Personally created (by me) Lounge Hopping Tour winding up for dinner at Paddlefish!  Another new location for us, we are really anxious to try the Lobster Corn Dogs!  

Our Saturday will be very busy with a day at Animal Kingdom, a behind-the-scenes tour with elephants, the WDW Radio meet up at Disney Springs, and back to Animal Kingdom for dinner at Tiffins.  Just another dining location that we have never been to, and are really very happy we got our reservation.

Sunday we will spend the day at Magic Kingdom having breakfast at Be Our Guest, and then dinner with friends at The Jungle Navigation Company- Skipper Canteen.  We have had breakfast at Be Our Guest before, and we loved it.  The "Skipper Canteen" will be another newbie for us!

We love dining in the West Wing at Be Our Guest!

Below is the interior of the "Skipper Canteen."

Our last new place to try is saved for our last day at WDW.  We will be dining with family at The Boathouse for lunch.  There are so many things on this menu that I want to try, but I will have to pick my top three choices and then make my decision.

Photo Credit: Disney Tourist Blog

We will also hit Columbia Harbor House, and some other quick service locations for lunches.

Well........there you have it!  The places we cannot wait to dine at NEXT WEEK!!!!!!

We will try to post some "as they are happening" photos when we are at the dining locations.  Stay tuned!

Friday, February 9, 2018

FOODIE FRIDAY! We Will Be Having Dinner at..........

.....TIFFINS at Disney's Animal Kingdom booked with the Rivers of Lights Dining Package!

A man bedecked in ancient Asian attire rides on a sailing vessel with hanging lanterns amid erupting fountains
All photo credits are the My Disney Experience website.

I just can't wait to see the Rivers of Light show, and have wanted to dine at Tiffins as well.  We have a dinner reservation at 4:15 and our viewing won't be until 8:30 with a twilight journey on Kilimanjaro Safari's in between!
This will be a true full day at Animal Kingdom, a park which I just adore.  We will actually be leaving for about a little over an hour to attend the WDW Radio Meet of the Month at Disney Springs.........and I think we will take one of the Minnie Mouse polka-dot transport vehicles over so we can get there quicker.

The posted menu at the bottom is the current dinner menu for Tiffins.

Here is what Disney has to say about this location:

A World of Flavors

Seek and you shall find a treasure trove of mouthwatering delights from far-off places for lunch and dinner.
Roam the road less traveled at Tiffins, thanks to a globetrotting menu of artfully prepared fare fit for a weary traveler. Begin your expedition with roasted beets and burrata, grilled octopus or—for those who like to travel light—an apple-walnut salad. Go off the beaten track with our signature bread service or a house-made charcuterie board before planting your flag with the duo of venison, braised pork belly ramen or our grilled swordfish.
Seafarers, fortune hunters and vagabonds will no doubt find new discoveries in the pan-seared duck breast and leg confit, Wagyu strip loin or the autumn vegetable harvest. Leaving no stone unturned? Satisfy your sweet tooth with guava mousse, passion fruit sorbet or our signature dessert, South American chocolate ganache.
For an additional cost, Guests 21 years of age and up can pack additional provisions with a selection from the renowned wine list—many of which are available by the glass—in addition to a noble assortment of after-dinner liqueurs, dessert wines and specialty drinks.
No matter which direction your compass points, you’re sure to encounter an unimaginable abundance of delectable food at Tiffins.
All menu items are subject to change without notice.

They had me at Duck Breast!!!  It's one of my very favorite things to eat!  OH MY THIS LOOKS GOOD!!!

A plate containing slices of roast duck leg atop a bed of puree beside florets of cauliflower and a wedge of cooked peach

They have a vegetarian offering on their menu that looks fabulous!

A medley of roast vegetables including baby carrots, radishes, sliced Brussels sprouts and snap peas are arranged on a bed of pumpernickel crumbs beside a plate of field greens, garnished with flower petals

And just look at this artistic dessert!!  This is the South American Ganache !
Artistically styled confections on a plate including glazed pomegranate seeds, glazed banana slices, chocolate curls and squares of chocolate ganache topped with whipped cream, chocolate macaroon and pansy flowers

More information on Tiffins from Disney:

Travelers Welcome!

Celebrate the bold spirit of global discovery—and the Imagineers and animal experts who built Disney’s Animal Kingdom park.
Dining inside Tiffins is like sharing a meal inside a renowned adventurers’ club: the theme of travel can be seen and felt everywhere you look. Hike your way through the rustic front doors and behold an enormous map of the globe, before unearthing 3 elegant dining rooms honoring the spirit of Africa, Asia and some of the world’s most exotic animals.
Lavish artwork—including photograph collages, paintings and sculptures inspired by actual notes and field sketches of the Imagineers who created Disney’s Animal Kingdom park—can be found throughout the restaurant, while earth tone colors give this hideaway an authentic, warm and inviting feel… perfect for explorers looking for something new.
Even the name of the restaurant harkens back to exotic, distant places: “Tiffins” refers to the light lunch meal prepared for working men in India, and the tiered containers the meals were served in.


Dinner Menu

Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Discovery Island
Signature Dining
Menu items and prices are subject to change without notice.
* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.
Please join us again next week for our last pre-trip FOODIE FRIDAY!!!