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Monday, August 29, 2011

Here I am.........the Disneynut!

Hi folks, and welcome to my blog and the fact that you are here, should mean you share my love of all things "Disney".  I became a "Disney nut" at a young age.  I used to go see Disney movies at the local theater when I was a kid.....classics such as Jungle Book, Mary Poppins, The Love Bug to name a few.  I remember getting the "album" soundtrack for The Jungle Book and listening to it over, and over again.  Later on in life when I had children of my own,  we got the VHS tape of The Jungle Book and I could recite word for word from listening to that album so many times, so many years before.  It was 1976 the first time I stepped foot in a Disney park.  As a senior in high school, we took our senior class trip to Florida, and had a day trip to The Magic Kingdom (as it was the only park there at the time).  I was hooked!  I wanted to cry at the end of that magical day when we had to leave.  It would be 2 years before I got to a Disney park again.  This time, on the other coast.  I went to visit an old childhood friend in 1978 who had moved to California back in the 60's.  Oh how happy I was when she suggested to take a drive to Disneyland for the day!  The "Happiest Place on Earth", 2nd to Walt Disney World of course!!  OH yes, I know...Disneyland was first, but indeed I felt a connection with the Florida location the first time I stepped on the property.  After 1978, my next trip to was back to Walt Disney World in 1983.  I got married to my then husband and we took a trip to Florida to visit his brother.  We took a day trip to WDW and I was a very happy girl for the day.  Unfortunately, my next trip would not be for almost 11 years.  We didn't have much disposable income, so the money was just not there to take a trip like that.  It would be 1994 before we would get back there.  By this time, I had 2 young sons in tow.  The oldest was in preschool, and the youngest at just 2 does not remember that trip at all.  (but he is the one who has inherited my love of Disney!)  That trip was for the beginning of the 25th Anniversary celebration, and we got to see the "cake castle" in all it's glory! We stayed at Port Orleans which of course is now called Port Orleans French Quarter.  Our next trip came in 2000 for the big millennium celebration.  This trip was a week long and we went all out and we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge.  What a place that is!!  My last trip there as a "family" was in 2002.  It was a day trip to the Magic Kingdom with a one night stay at The Contemporary Resort.  I became divorced in 2004, and unfortunately had no money to return to my happiest place on earth.  Oh, how I missed it!  Sad, yes BUT, there is a happy continuation to this story.  I met the man of my dreams (first time was in 1978.....yes the same year as my Disneyland trip-some symmetry, maybe) I should say we "re-met" in 2006 and have been together ever since.  We got married in 2009 and waited until February of 2010 to take our "belated" honeymoon.........guess where we went?  NO?  haha!  Yup, we went to WDW!!  What a wonderful trip that was!  All the photos you will see on this blog site, are from that trip.  My husband had not been to WDW since 1975, so you can imagine the look on his face when we got there and he saw the size of everything!  He was amazed.  We stayed at the Polynesian for 5 days.    So, there you have my history, so far!!