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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sentimental Sunday

Being a bit reflective this afternoon as I make this post.  It makes me feel once again how important it is to do things with your spouse or family when you physically can.  Sure, you may have some bills after, or have to save up the money in advance (as I did for our cruise coming up) but it makes me realize NOT TO WAIT until "after retirement." 

As we will be celebrating the life of, and also laying to rest my dear Sister-in Law tomorrow, indeed it makes me state once more not to put things off.  Do your traveling when you can, while you are young enough and have the money.  Don't wait til you retire, because if you do, you will be sorry.  I know too many people who have become ill, or passed away shortly after retirement and they never got to do the things they planned on their entire life.  My Brother and his wife wanted to travel the country, and enjoy each others company and have fun.  Instead, he watched her wither away from dementia for over four years, never doing any of the traveling they wanted to do. 

Take advantage of good health and good times together, because you never know what might happen.

The pictures below are from our honeymoon trip in February of 2010.  We had such a wonderful time staying at the Polynesian.  These pictures are from our last night at Walt Disney World when we had dinner at Chef Mickey's.   Memories made..........remembered forever.  Don't put off what you can do today.  I could have lost Paul to cancer just a year after this trip happened.  That will forever be at the back of my mind.

Paul with Chef Goofy

Paul and his "gal pal" Minnie!

Kris and her pal Mickey!

Our Happy Honeymoon cupcakes from our server, Chris!  He was so fun, and made our evening at Chef Mickey's an absolute delight!

Keep Moving Forward.
                      Walt Disney

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