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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sentimental Sunday-Character Encounters on the Open Sea!

Another busy week has passed.  Here we are, once again at the time for Sentimental Sunday.  Last week if you remember, we checked out our stateroom.  This week, we start meeting some strange characters on the open sea!  Hummmm.....not really strange but...a few of them a little goofy though!

First it was Goofy!  We just love the "Goof", and he was being his usual self!

Next it was "Captain" Mickey!  I wondered if Captain Henry knew Mickey was going for a take-over?!  ;-)

Next, I was about to get a wonderful hug from my favorite female mouse, the ALWAYS adorable, Minnie!

Here we are with Donald!  Donald is Paul's favorite!  They share a birthday, June 9th!!

A real character, but not a "character".........Paul with Clayton our Cruise Director.  He was such a great guy!

Here we are on Castaway Cay with two mischievous characters!  Chip & Dale!

Meeting Jack Sparrow was so awesome!  this guy was great!  He was totally in character, and being on the beach like that made it even more real!  Oh wait, that really was Jack!  ;-)


  Here we are on Pirate Night with the ever adorable Tinkerbell!  She is so tiny!!

                                            That crazy experiment run amuck............Stitch!

Here are two very shady character!!  (I don't mean the two in the middle either!)
Mr. Smee, and his boss Captain Hook! 

One more interesting "character" from Pirate Night!  Our bartender, Nikko!

Last, but not least is Peter Pan himself!  He was teaching us to crow!

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