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Monday, July 14, 2014

Memorable Monday

This week on Memorable Monday, I am going to take you back to 2012.  It was a trip to Walt Disney World in which we got to meet Disney Facebook friends, and I got to see someone I had not seen since the day I graduated from High School. 

Here, we got together with our new pals Nick, Barbie, Joe, and Chrissy at Epcot.  It was a fun time, and we have become fast friends, and I really cherish that friendship, and hope in the not to distant future that we will all be able to be together again. 

Next, we met up with Joe and Chrissy the next day at Magic Kingdom, along with our friend Amy. 
I had been waiting to meet Amy for over a year, and it was such a pleasure to be able to spend time with her. 

The following day, we got to meet up with my friend Cathy and her husband Bert.  Bert has since passed away, so we will cherish the fact that we were able to meet him, and spend a fun day with them at Hollywood Studios. 
Cathy, Bert, and Paul were brave enough to go on Tower of Terror.........I however used the chicken door.  I vow that the next time I am there I will do this!! 

Cathy and I had to get our picture taken together in front of two special places.  First off, in front Carthay Circle as it has "Once Upon a Time" on the marquee.  That is a show we both love, and talk about frequently. 

The other location is Dinosaur Gertie!  We always talk about how cute she is, and we just had to get our picture with her!

That night after we left Bert and Cathy, we headed back to our resort and got to see Yehaa Bob Jackson.
We got to meet up with Nick and Barbie, and also my Disney pals Brent Dodge from From Screen to Theme, and my now dear friend Beatrice!

The guys got to do YMCA...........

We got our picture taken with Bob! 
Closing out the evening, I got to get a picture with Brent and Beatrice!  Two of my new favorite people, along with Nick, Barbie, Joe Chrissy and Amy! 

We must cherish the memories of new found friends, old friends, and those who are no longer with is.  This week is a tribute to all of the above. 

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