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Monday, July 7, 2014

Memorable Monday

Here we are again, at our Memorable Monday segment.  This week I take all of us back once again to our cruise of 2012.  This time we visit the terminal as we entered for the first time, for our very first Disney cruise.  This cruise left from Port Canaveral.

This first picture is when we originally entered into the terminal.  Having no idea what to expect, and we really thought we were going to be in a horrendous line for over an hour.

 The couple in front of us were in their honeymoon...
obvious with the bride and groom ears!

 Minnie was in front of the ship model greeting guests, but we got there a few minutes too late, and she was headed on to the ship.

The ship model was so cool!  I could have stood there looking at it for an hour!  No time for that!  Let's go check in!!

 After checking out some of the things inside, we walked right up to the counter, and were checked-in, in a matter of 5-8 minutes.  Then we were directed to the "EAR" gangway, and down the hall for pictures, and then onto the ship!

Join us again next time, and we enter the grand atrium on the ship!  See you then!!

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