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Monday, June 30, 2014

Memorable Monday by Guest Author Afton Mulvihill

Disney Vacations=Lasting Memories
By: Afton Mulvihill

The one thing I think of when I think of Disney vacations is memories. I think of all the memories that I have gained from Disney vacations. My most memorable Disney vacation is when my husband and I got engaged.  We were living in New York at the time and went home to family in California. While we were there we wanted to go with my parents to Disneyland! Keith and I have been planning on getting engaged on our trip home! I had no clue where or when he was going to do it. 

The day finally came and we were off to Disneyland! We had somehow convinced my parents to come with us!  I had figured that if Keith was going to proposed to me it would be when we first got there since he would not have to think about and carry my ring around all day with him! Well I was wrong. The day went on and nothing happened! I figured he had something else planned out with my parents. 

Keith and I have started a tradition of always getting our picture taken in front of the Castle weather  it be in Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom. It’s usually the first thing that we do. But this time we didn’t since there was so many people standing there waiting for that picture we figured we would do it later. Around lunch time we walked past the castle again and saw this family getting there pictures done by the castle but it was off to the side and surrounded with flowers. We thought that would be a great spot. So we waited our turn. At the same time they were also swapping out photographers. So we had a fresh one for this shot!! We did our usual pictures in front of the castle and after she was done I had turn to my parents and said this is our tradition to get this shot. I had heard Keith say something and turned back around and he was on one knee! 

He had proposed to me right then and there. He had my ring in a glass slipper and said “You will always be my Cinderella! Will you marry me?”  He had proposed to me right in front of the castle and my parents got to witness the whole thing. 

That will always be my fondest memory of Disney!

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