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Friday, September 11, 2015

FOODIE FRIDAY! Our Most Recent Visit to a Favorite!

I know I have covered this location before but, it's been a stick with me here!  

We were able to dine once again at Tokyo Dining which is located in the Mitsukoshi Restaurants building that contains Teppan Edo and Toyko Dining.  Since we LOVE our sushi..........this is our choice area.  

We were lucky to dine with a friend that night, Christie who we have known via Facebook groups for years now. We finally got to meet in person!  We had such a delightful time with her.

(Sorry for my "hot mess" appearance!  After the heat, and also getting drenched  on Splash Mountain earlier in the day............there was only so much I could do!)

 These are the plates Paul and I chose to have.  Since we were on the Disney Dining Plan we had our limits, but this was enough for us!  We shared off each others plates, so we were all good.  


Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp, and Eel Nigiri - Four pieces Sunshine Salmon Roll, Two pieces each of California Roll, Spicy California Roll, Spicy Roll, and Vegetable Roll


Two Tuna, Two Salmon, Two Shrimp, Yellowtail, Eel, Scallops, Egg, Two pieces of Spicy Roll, and Four pieces of Rainbow Roll

Christie had chosen the following for her meal. 

Rainbow Roll
California Roll topped with Tuna, Yellowtail, Salmon, and Avocado


 Everything was delicious as usual, and the service (even though you can't understand what is being said most of the time) was great.  They girls are so sweet, you just nod and smile.  

After dinner Christie had to leave, so we parted ways vowing to meet up again as soon as possible on our next trip to Walt Disney World.  

We took a few pictures in the pavilion, and then headed over to our favorite spot at Italy to watch Illuminations!

Come back again next week as we visit another dining spot from our last trip!

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