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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Disney Resort of the Week - Port Orleans French Quarter

With our recent stay at Port Orleans French Quarter still fresh in our mind, we wanted to feature this resort last week, however, I came home from this last trip extremely ill, so I apologize for the delay.
This resort consists of 1,008 rooms which really compares to the historic French Quarter in New Orleans.  Although French Quarter and Port Orleans Riverside do function as one resort we have to say, after staying at both, we really prefer French Quarter hands down.    The central building (seen below) was based on a turn-of-the century mint.  The Mint is the home of the check-in area, a shop, food court, and arcade.  

This is the entrance into the lobby area.
  Welcome home!  The doormen for French Quarter evoke a different time and place, and seeing them brings a smile to our face each and every time, as they always have a smile to greet you!!  
  Really pretty in here!

  This shot was taken from the back of the lobby area after you exit.

We will just call it French Quarter for short for the rest of the story.........and even though it's a rather small resort on comparison to its sister resort, Riverside, there are no short comings here.

We loved the quaintness, the ambiance, the smaller size, the food, the staff, you name it. The resort was extremely clean (which I ALWAYS look at!) and our Mousekeeper was awesome....and left us some goodies each day!

This was our room.

French Quarter Map

We were in building 2,  2nd floor, poolside.  Little did I know at first that our room was right next to the corner room I stayed at with my boys in 1994, the year of my previous stay at French Quarter.  Coincidence??  I think not.

 Everyone who worked at French Quarter always had a smile on their face, and that is so very important.  I talked to one of the cast members who works at Jackson Square Gifts & Desires when I was in there buying some over-the counter cold medications and eye drops (yes, I was a mess!)  and I asked her how long she had worked there.  She told me she had been as cast member for eight years, and always at French Quarter.  To me, that says a great deal.

Here is a picture of Paul with one of his gator pals..........just some of the ambiance around the resort!

Below is the pool called Doubloon Lagoon which we never had time to relax at!

This is the bus area, which was really a short walk for us.

Below are some other pictures in and around the resort.

Mardi-Grogs pool bar was very nice according to Paul.  He said the staff was very friendly!

  See what I mean by quaint?

The inside of the Sassagoula Float Works and Food Factory is extremely interesting.  It is supposed be be an old float works factory, a place where they made floats for Mardi-Gras.  

                                                       Biegnets from Sassagoula Float Works and Food Factory!
                                                                                    Heaven on a plate! 

We hope you enjoyed our coverage of our stay at Port Orleans French Quarter.  We highly recommend staying here, and we will for sure on our next visit!

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