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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sentimental Sunday-The Last Day of Our 2012 Cruise

Well, here we are.  The last day of August.  I really can't explain where the summer has gone.  When I was a kid, it seems like summer was forever.  Hanging out with friends, playing outside til after dark.  Playing Ghost in the Graveyard, Tag, Red Light-Green Light.  Going to the local pools, vacations, aaaaaaaahhhh...those were the days.  Now, working everyday, and only having a few hours in the evening to relax, and a weekend now and again.........makes the summer pass like a speeding train, and getting older does not help either.  Time is going so quickly, I just want it to slow the heck down.

Wanting our next cruise to get here, but not wanting the time to pass too quickly.  It will be here before we know it, and then it will be over.  As of today we are 60 days away from our departure date.  Whoo hoo!  Looking back at our last cruise, as we will be again today, has been fun, and brought back so many great memories.

Today, we focus on our last full day of the cruise, which was a full day at sea.  I took advantage of some spa time, and had a facial. It was awesome, but very expensive.  The next cruise, I am going to book an appointment to get my hair done for our dinner at PALO.

Our last day at sea started out with breakfast at Cabanas.  Cabanas is located on level 11, aft on the Disney Dream.  There are colorful Nemo-themed mosaics that are absolutely beautiful!
 They have made to order breakfast and lunch selections. The food was really good for a "buffet" type location.  Dinner in this location is table service.  Cocktails may be ordered from the Clam Bar.

We just thought these were beautiful!

 That afternoon we went to play some bingo, (as DCL had given us free bingo cards as part of our celebration) and then made our way to one of the gift shops where the Captain of the ship was meeting passengers, and signing autographs.  We got a baseball hat, and had him sign it. Captain Henry was a very nice man!

We got back to our stateroom, and found a note attached to our fish clip.  The note read, 
"Please come to the Vista Gallery at 4pm for a surprise." 
So, we went.  I know many of you are familiar with the story, as I have posted it here before.  Please be patient as I cover it briefly here once again for those who don't know about what happened.

We get to the gallery as instructed, and walked up to the cast member who was at the desk.  We showed her the note, and she smiled, and said, "please go into the gallery and someone will be with you in just a few minutes."  We did as she asked.  Just as we were about the say to each other "what the heck is going on I wonder?", several cast member were blocking the entry into the area that we were standing in.  The wonderment was getting even bigger at this point..........then we got our surprise.  

Low and behold, a door opens up, and out walks Captain Mickey, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, Daisy and Donald and Chip and Dale!  To say we were speechless is an understatement.  The young lady who left us the note said to us, "we wanted to let you know how happy we are for you and your victory over cancer.  We are happy you chose to celebrate this wonderful occasion aboard a Disney cruise ship."   Tears were streaming down my face, and Paul's too.
 Talk about making two people feel really special, it's still almost (2 years later) like a dream!  

Pluto was the only character on the ship that we had yet to connect with to get a picture, so we had to take advantage of this one!

After the shock started to wear off, we walked around the ship taking pictures.  Here I am on my royal throne!

More mosaic work here, just gorgeous!  

On our way to dinner, we ran into someone special.........
 He was teaching us how to fly!
Dinner was in Enchanted Garden tonight.........very pretty place!!

Desserts are always wonderful!  These did not let us down!

This was Paul's Bananas Foster Sundae!  Yumm!

That evening after dinner, we went lounge hopping.

 We hit Pink, and District Lounge

PINK is so awesome looking with it's champagne theme!!

Bubbles.......... in glass!

Here is Paul at District Lounge

This was a cool place as well!

When we got back to our stateroom for the last time to sleep there, this was waiting on our bed for us.

Paul being a "phone guy," we had to take a picture of the phone in the stateroom.  He was so excited because it had his name on it! 

We hope you have enjoyed reminiscing about our last cruise as much as we have!  We look forward to sharing our next adventure with you when we return!!  Look for that starting mid-November!


  1. The conundrum...unabashedly anticipating the next Disney Event , while recognizing that one is essentially wishing one's life away, which gets more precious with each passing year. It is so nice reading this blog and feeling a sense of camaraderie with other Disney fans. It is sometimes hard to explain to others this Disney (not obsession...what?) interest. Members of my extended family often ask "WHY do you go to Disney so much? It is such a waste of money!" (See, for a great explanation from Alice McNutt Miller). So, I asked myself why, and came to the conclusion that Walt was a smart man. He designed the Magic Kingdom the way he did (having to take a ferry or monorail from Transportation and Ticket Center where you park your car) to encourage an escape from everyday life. When I am at one of the parks, or even more so, on a cruise, I feel very detached from everyday life, especially when the only things I have to consider for the day are what parks or shows to go to, and where to make ADRs...
    I have never been part of a cruise group, and am very glad this will be my first...Can't wait to meet Kris and everyone else! Thanks for the blog and a walk down memory lane as the Dream was my first cruise last summer : )

  2. Thanks Rose! Great comments above, and they are appreciated! Looking forward to meeting you and everyone who is going from our group as well!