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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sentimental Sunday -- A Day in Nassau!

Even though we could probably take or leave Nassau if we went on that same cruise again, we did have some fun.  
We watched as the ship backed into the port from our verandah , and it was really fun to watch all the activity in the water, and watch the beautiful blue water from our Deck 9 stateroom.  

I just totally thought this was a beautiful picture!

Getting off the ship we followed our tour guide to the boat we would be taking.  It was not just any boat, but a glass bottom boat.  
We signed up for the Glass Bottom Boat Tour and it was a fun experience. 

Making our way from the ship into town to get the the boat we well be taking.

 Really............a pay phone!  Not really sure why I took this picture..............but I think Paul told me to!  ;-)

 This is our transportation.........

He sells sea shells by the sea shore!  

We saw some great sights of Paradise Island and all the celebrity homes along the beach.  Wow...some of these places were huge!  

 Our beautiful ship from the front!

And of course "Atlantis"

Now, we get out to the underwater sea gardens!  Really cool!

After the ride was over, we headed back into Nassau and toured the straw market.  I bought a purse with Eeyore on it, and wow, those women in there are cut throat!  I would not go in there again.  We did hit a few fun spots and shops before heading back to the ship.
Fun acting like pirates!

Tortuga?  Where is Jack Sparrow?

Time to head back to the ship, and relax and then get ready for a show, and our dinner at PALO!
See you all next week as we have a Sentimental Sunday remembering that great evening! 

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