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Monday, August 11, 2014

Memorable Monday

This week on Memorable Monday I am sharing one of my challenges in life.  I am afraid of heights/have a fear of falling.  I can hardly get up on the 2nd step of a ladder without having this gripping fear come over me.  Maybe it's because I fell off my bike at 12 years of age and broke my femur.  I think back to that and shudder!  Anyway, when it comes to high things, I don't do well.  Back in 2013 we did the Wild Africa Trek as you may remember, and I had the challenge of crossing the rope bridges on that, and did well.

My next trip was my solo trip to Walt Disney World in May of 2013.  I challenged myself once again to "go high."  This time, it was Characters in Flight at Downtown Disney. I planned on visiting there my last day to shop, and attempt to go up in the balloon.  I did it!!  I was a little shaky at first, but since the assent was fairly slow, I did ok.  

Below are some pictures from that day.  Great views, right?


  1. Excellent pictures. Good for you facing your fear and still getting such great pictures!