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Friday, June 14, 2013

The WDW Featured Pool For Today!

The Keister Coaster pool at Luna Park at Disney's Boardwalk Inn is our featured pool today!

This is what It's All About the Mouse Travel tells us about this pool:

The Keister Coaster pool at Luna Park features a large pool with a 200 foot water slide! The pool area has the theming of a turn of the century carnival and the water slide looks like a wooden roller coaster. There are playful elephants to shower you before entering the pool. Enjoy a beverage or snack at the pool bar, Leaping Horse Libations, conveniently located next to Luna Park. This relaxing bar area is shaped like a giant carousel.

There are two quiet pools for you to enjoy as well - one is located within the Inn's Rose Garden Courtyard, the other next to Community Hall in the Villa area.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The WDW Featured Pool for Today!

Pool month continues on the It's All About the Mouse Facebook page.  Today, the pool is:

The Fuentes del Morro pool at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort !

Make a splash at this zero-entry pirate’s paradise, themed like a colonial Spanish fortress. Swashbuckling adventurers can zip by on one of 2 waterslides—including one measuring 102 feet long—and feel the spray of man-of-war-cannons. Little ones can cavort at the shipwreck play area, complete with mini slides, a crow’s nest and a barrel of laughs that dispenses a drenching downpour. Two 12-person spa pools provide relaxation after a long day on the high seas, as do tropical drinks from the nearby Banana Cabana pool bar.

And if you'd prefer a bit more solitude at the pool, there are six leisure pools, one in each village, offer escape for the less boisterous buccaneers of your crew. Take the plunge and cool down or simply lounge the day away on deck while catching some golden rays.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The WDW Featured Pool For Today!

Today's featured pool is the Nanea Volcano pool at Disney's Polynesian Resort! 
Fresh from the It's All About the Mouse Travel Facebook page we learn this:

Make a splash at this pool which features a towering volcano, a waterfall and a thrilling 142 foot-long waterslide. A zero-depth entry point, similar to a beach, slopes gently into the pool making for easy entry and exit. Children are invited to cool off in the nearby water play area. Nearby, a lounge and bar offer refreshments and snacks.

DiVine is a Must-See

Disney's Animal Kingdom is one of those places where you really should not be in a rush.  It's the kind of place where you need to open your eyes, your mind and your heart and let the park fold it's every loving arms around you.  So many misguided travelers are given bad information, and are told that Animal Kingdom is a half-day park.  That is just not the case.  I arrived for rope drop, and was there until at least 5pm on my last visit.  I would have stayed until closing. 

Yes, I am as guilty as the next person who wants to make a mad dash to Expedition Everest - Legend of the Forbidden Mountain®.  Yes, I made the dash there to get my FastPass, and was able to ride right away.  Nothing like a rush of adrenaline first thing in the morning.  After I took my first go-round with the Yeti, I had an hour to pass until my FastPass time came about.  I took a leisurely stroll around Asia.  After I got done the second time, I then took my time the rest of the day.  In doing so, I was able to observe many things that I have always been in too big of a hurry to notice.  One of them is the subject of this blog.

One of the goals on my last trip was to spot something at Disney's Animal Kingdom that many people totally  miss, due to rushing around and trying to get to that next attraction.  As we missed this sighting on our trip in October, we totally fall under the category of not being observant enough.   I was not going to let that happen yet again.
Normally found at on the pathway between Africa and Asia (she is occasionally in the Oasis near Rainforest Cafe), Divine is a definite must-see. If you don't find  her,  you can check with a cast member where she can be found, and what times she might be "hanging" around. 

As I was leaving Asia and heading over to Africa, I was taking pictures of the "back side" of the Tree of Life. 

There was a PhotoPass photographer there, so after I was done taking my own pictures, I asked him to take some pictures of me.

As I finished with him, I looked up, and low and behold, right across the past I saw movement in the leaves, and there she was.  DiVine!!  I was thrilled that I was able to spot her, and would not have if I would have been in too big of a hurry.

Take my advice.  When you visit Disney's Animal Kingdom............slow down!!!  You will not be sorry.  You might just miss something as special as DiVine!!

Make a Splash at the Newest Walt Disney World Resort Hotel

Monday, June 10, 2013

The WDW Featured Pool for Today!

It's All About the Mouse Travel's Facebook page continues the featured pools month with the Main Pool at Disney's Contemporary Resort!

The Main Pool A larger pool provides fun in the sun for the entire family. Breeze down the 17-foot high curving waterslide and take in views of the marina; or simply relax and rejuvenate in one of 2 whirlpool spas. Little ones will surely love to splash it up in the water play area.


Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland® at Magic Kingdom® Park recently took home top honors at the National Restaurant Association Operator Innovations Awards!


Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland® at Magic Kingdom® Park recently took home top honors at the National Restaurant Association Operator Innovations Awards!

Friday, June 7, 2013

STAR TOURS with the Jawas!

What a thrill riding on STAR TOURS-The Adventure Continues, right?  As least those of you who have had the pleasure of riding on this attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios know this.  For all of us STAR WARS geeks, it's a thrill beyond explaining. 

On my last visit to Walt Disney World, I was lucky enough to be there for a couple special events for the Limited Time Magic that has been going on there and at Disneyland in California.  The one we are talking about here today is "STAR WARS DAY-May the Fourth Be With You!"

I had the pleasure to be with a couple of my very good Disney pals during the day on Saturday May 4th.  One of the most exciting things was riding on START TOURS with my friend Brent Dodge.  As we walked in using our FastPass that we had each gotten earlier in the day, we were directed to our "ship" after picking up our 3-D glasses.  As we got closer to getting in line Brent's face lit up, and he looked at me and said, "we are riding with the Jawas"!  For those of you who do not know what a Jawa is, here is a brief description for you. 
Jawas: were typically short rodent-like natives of Tatooine. They were passionate scavengers, seeking out technology for sale or trade in the deep deserts in their huge sandcrawler transports. A band of Jawas were responsible for locating C-3PO and R2-D2 and selling them to Luke Skywalker's uncle Owen Lars. Another tribe of Jawas, led by Tteel Kkak, found Jabba the Hutt's rancor. They had a reputation for swindling, as they had a penchant for selling old equipment such as outdated faulty droids to moisture farmers. However, they were extremely passive beings, and hardly put up any resistance to colonists of their planet unlike the other natives the Sand people, instead seeing foreigners as an excellent business opportunity.

C-3PO did not have a very high opinion of the Jawas.  He was knows to say things like:
"I can't abide those Jawas! Disgusting creatures!"
So, you get the basic idea here.  When we walked up to our line and saw that they had joined our "party," it was so exciting!  I started taking pictures right away, and even after we boarded.  There were two of them.  They were totally in character, and interacted through the entire ride sequence.  It was really a blast!

Here now, I share with you in pictures, our experience with the Jawas!

In line, interacting with guests!

Posing for the camera!

 I know I can get these things on, somehow!

Buckle up!

Jawa says ready, set, go!

Brent and his new friends!

 Jawas getting a drink!

 Ya baby!!  Let's ride again!  This time we pilot the ship!

 Well, there you have it!  Our fun STAR TOURS adventure with the Jawas!

The WDW Featured Pool For Today!

The Surfboard Bay pool at Disney's All Star Sports Resort is today's featured pool!

We learn the following from the It's All About the Mouse Travel Facebook page today:

Surf’s up at this 242,471-gallon swimming hole designed to make you feel like you’re at the beach. Featuring giant, 3-story surfboards lining the pool area, it’s the perfect place to catch some rays and cool off. For little ones, a kiddie pool is located behind Stadium Hall adjacent to Surfboard Bay Pool. Movies Under the Stars For even more fun, Disney movies are screened nightly at the Surfboard Bay Pool.

And if you're looking for a more quiet spot to relax you can head over to the Grand Slam pool. Shaped like a baseball diamond, this pool features Goofy on a pitcher’s mound lobbing a stream of water at swimmers. Continuing the sporty theme, the sundeck is designed like an outfield and huge 3-story baseball bats line the pool area.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The WDW Featured Pool For Today!

The R.E.S.T. Beach Recreation Department pool at Disney's Old Key West Resort is our featured pool for today!
It's All About the Mouse Travel's Facebook Page explains,

Glide down a 125-foot-long waterslide through a giant sandcastle, and sunbathe on a sand beach. Decorative dolphins spout water at this 149,600-gallon feature pool that recalls the carefree romantic attitude of the Florida Keys. After your swim, relax in the whirlpool spa and feel your cares melt away in a dry sauna inside the pool deck’s lighthouse. Located near Hospitality House, the main pool even has a kiddie pool for little ones.

Three leisure pools: All-ages pools—each with a whirlpool spa—are located in the Old Turtle Pond, South Point and Miller’s Road sections. Offering a more relaxing respite, these pools are perfect for Guests looking to lounge the day away.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Updated WDW Closure information

UPDATED! Walt Disney World® Resort closings/refurbs:

Main Street Bakery: 01/12/13 - 06/18/13
Big Thunder Mountain: 06/22/13 - 06/23/13
Pirates of the Caribbean: 07/27/13 - 07/30/13

Epcot Character Spot: 10/21/12 - TBD
Fountainview Ice Cream Shop: 04/08/13 - Fall
France Ice Cream Shop: 02/25/13 - June

American Idol: 06/10/13 - 06/12/13

Disney's All Star Sports Resort

End Zone Food Court - transportation from the porte cochere will be provided to Disney's All-Star Music Resort and Disney's All-Star Movies Resort where Guests can dine at the Intermission Food Court or World Premier Food Court: 08/04/13 - 12/20/13

Arcade - closed during this time frame as it will be used as a temporary Food Court with "Grab & Go" items: 08/04/13 - 12/20/13

Disney's Contemporary Resort
California Grill: 02/02/13 - Late Summer 2013

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
Beach Pool & Slide - The Courtyard Pool will remain open during this time: 05/27/13 - 05/31/13

Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort
The Spa at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort - Guests may be referred to Senses - A Disney Spa at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort for spa services: 01/16/13 - Summer 2013

The WDW Featured Pool For Today!

Today we are featuring the 'Ol Man Island pool at Disney's Port Orleans Resort-Riverside. 
It's All About the Mouse Travel's Facebook page give us the following information:

Have a good ol’ time at Ol’ Man Island, a 3.5-acre refuge with a swimmin’ hole and a fishin’ hole. Fashioned after an abandoned sawmill, this pool is accessible by 3 wooden bridges and includes a 95 foot-long rustic waterslide built into the millworks. Nearby, a whirpool tub, the Muddy Rivers pool bar, and a kiddie pool provide entertainment for all ages. A daily pool party plus an evening campfire and movie screening keep the fun going all day long.

There are also five leisure pools—3 in Alligator Bayou and 2 in Magnolia Bend—are also available throughout the Resort. Offering a more relaxing respite, these pools are perfect for Guests looking to lounge the day away.