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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My "May the Fourth Be With You" merchadise

A you may, or may not know.......I am a huge STAR WARS nerd, and proud of it!  During my last visit to Walt Disney World, there was a special event on May 4th.  It was an event at Disney's Hollywood Studios called "STAR WARS DAY- May the Fourth Be With You." 

May 4, was of course the optimal day for this event, and I just happened to be there.  What awesome timing!  There were STAR WARS characters all over the park, all day long, a special event that night with a special fireworks show and stage show.  There was also special merchandise to commemorate the event.
As a collector of Disney pins, I just had to make sure I got in line early to get mine.  I also wanted to get a shirt.  Not really thinking about this when I first found out about the event, I became aware of the merchandise the day before.

I got to the Studios early, as Extra Magic Hours were in effect that morning.  It was great since only resort guests were allowed in at 8am.  I headed right for the STAR TOURS attraction to get my FastPass for later, then I made my way back to the location for the merchandise.  There was about a 45 minute wait, but it was raining, and I was under the cover of the shop, so it was ok.

After I got done with my purchase, the line was now at about a two hour wait.  Good for me!!!

I got the T-shirt with Stitch as Yoda, and two pins.  The design of the shirt the one pin, and then the other is Goofy Vader, and Stitch as the Emperor, entitled, "Revenge of the 5th."

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