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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sentimental Sunday

Today we feature a few pictures and story that brings back really fond memories of a past Disney trip for Sentimental Sunday!

My first (and far) trip to Disneyland in 1978. It was August of that year, the year of Mickey's 50th Birthday!

Here I am at 20, and my friend Elaine was 19, and a beautiful model in and around LA.

I went out to California to visit and old friend from my block in Munster where I grew up (and still lived at the time.) Her Dad worked for Bethlehem Steel and for transferred from Indiana to California when my friend was still in Kindergarten.  We kept in touch for years and years, and she and her parents finally invited me to come and visit them.  They lived in Redlands, which is a lovely place.

Her Mom knew I loved it there, and asked me if I wanted to stay and I could live with them.........tempted as I was, I knew it would break my parents heart, so I came back. 

I got this giant plush Mickey Mouse and he came home on the flight with me, in the seat next to me strapped in, as they flight was not totally booked up.  The flight attendant hated to see him up in the over-head bin, or smashed under the seat.

This picture is us back at home!  ( Yes, I was very tan from spending 2 weeks in Southern California!)

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