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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Throwback Thursday-Wild Africa Trek "eats"

This week the Way Back Machine takes us to 2012 and a portion of our Wild Africa Trek.  Specifically the middle part, where we got to rest, and take the "African inspired foods."

We arrived at the boma (not to be mistaken for Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge.) This is right in the middle of the African savanna, where you can see the Kilimanjaro Safari jeeps. Thia is a covered, animal viewing area.  There are nice bathrooms, table and chairs to eat at, binoculars to use, and great food and juice.

Each guest was presented with their own two-tired, canister-style “camp-tin.” We were on  the second tour of the day and were given the breakfast snack. It was very yummy....or at least most of it was.

The top layer held three tiny metal bowls. The first contained a melon salad with a light ginger-mint dressing. The second contained berry yogurt with a granola topping. And the third contained cubes of brie cheese and dried apricots. Also in the upper level were a spoon made of sustainable bamboo and an  edible orchid. Yes, we ate the orchid, and it was very good. 

The bottom layer of the lunchbox held mini pita breads, a fig almond bread, prosciutto, dried beef, and smoked salmon rolled with dill cream cheese atop a cucumber and jicama slaw. Every item was flavorful and fresh.  The only thing I did not care for were the dried meats.  I gave mine to Paul, as he enjoyed them. 
All in all, a very interesting combination of foods, that worked well together.  I think my favorite was the yogurt and the fig and almond bread!

There are food alternative options for children, vegetarians, and guests with allergies. These special menus must be ordered in advance, so alert your travel agent when booking the tour so they can relay this information for you.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks trip in the Way Back Machine!  Join us next week, as we travel back in time to, who knows when?