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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

HI all!  This week in Throwback Thursday, we go WAY back in the Way Back Machine to 1976!  Yes, I am old!!  

1976 was my very first trip to Walt Disney World as a senior in high school.

My parents asked me what I wanted as a graduation gift.  At the time, our senior class was working on a trip for us.  I did not want a graduation party.  It just did not matter to me.  I really wanted to go on this trip, so my parents agreed that I could go, and they were also buying my my own luggage so I could have it for a long time, and use it on this trip.  

The trip consisted of staying at a hotel in Tampa called the Causeway North, I am pretty sure.  We got to go to Sea World, Busch Gardens, Tarpon Springs and of course Walt Disney World, which of course was only Magic Kingdom.

 Can you believe these pictures taken from the Monorail in '76?  Nothing was around at all! 


Getting to ride on the Monorail was so thrilling to me, and I know I have mentioned this before, but my first walk into the Magic Kingdom was totally life changing for me.  It was a feeling like nothing else I have ever had.  It was that "I belong here" kind of feeling.

During this trip, there was a special parade called America on Parade.   This Bicentennial parade ran from June 6, 1975-September 6, 1976 and was nearly two years in development.  Floats reflected things that were uniquely American and told the story of America's history. The parade ran at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland in California.  It was both the daytime and nighttime parade during this time period.

The parade focused on historical events, American innovations and favorite leisure activities. This led to some rather bizarre floats, such as the giant sandwich and the giant box of popcorn. Other floats included an 18-foot American Eagle, a 20-foot high rocking chair, and an 18-foot turkey.

Think back to your first visit to Walt Disney World, or any Disney location for that matter.  I bet you have some special memories as well.  Please feel free to share them in the comment section below.

See you next week for another Throwback Thursday!

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