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Monday, May 27, 2013

Going solo at Walt Disney World! is fun! (Day 6-last full day)

This day started out sad, and exciting at the same time.  Sad, in thinking that this was my last full day at my HAPPY PLACE, and also exciting because I got to do three very special things!  Those three things were getting into the park pre-opening, going to breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table, and getting to be with my friend Amy Petermann, once more time.

As I left the resort this morning, I was out the door early. It was another beautiful sunny day!  I had a 9am reservation at Cinderella's Royal Table for myself.  I have never been before.  I got to Magic Kingdom around 8:15am and I was let in early.  I was really happy to be there before the park opened, and WOW!  I, of course had to take advantage of that with getting some really great pictures with not many people around.

 I stopped a man who was standing near the Fire Station and asked him to take this picture.  I have no idea why I was covering Minnies mouth!  Maybe I thought she was going to sneeze?

There were those who had reservations at either Crystal Palace or Cinderella's Royal Table,
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, and there were those on some early morning tours, but that was it! 

PhotoPass photographers were already on duty, and I made good use of them as I made my way down Main Street, U.S.A. 

Once I made my way down Main Street, I walked over to use the bathrooms over by Casey's Corner.  Since I have never seen an empty bathroom at WDW before, I just felt compelled to take a picture!

As I walked over near the Adventureland entrance, I had to take a few pictures with no one else around.  I ran into a Pirate and his Wench and got some shots with them.  They seemed genuinely thrilled that I wanted my picture with them!  :-) 

 Holding the pirate flag........I almost felt like doing the arrrrrggggggggg! 

After leaving my new friends, I headed over to the castle.  I really wanted to get some great pictures of the mosaics in the walkway with nobody else around to block my shots!  SUCCESS!!  I just love the Cinderella story as it is told in these beautiful works of art!

This one is my favorite of all!

 This is the entrance to

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

I still had about 15 minutes until my breakfast time, so I went through to take some shots of an empty Fantasyland...... 

It will not look like this in another half hour!  

I just love this little fountain!

As I made my way back into the walkway and over near the podium for the Royal Table, one of the Cast Members asked me if I had a reservation.  I said, yes, but not until 9am, so I am just waiting my time.  She said "OH!  We can take you now....let's get you checked in!"  How great!  I wound up getting seated about 10 minutes early which was nice, since I was meeting my friend Amy after I was done. 

I was first directed to have my photo session with Cinderella.

Then I was lead to the staircase to ascend and make my way up to the dining room.  It was with great excitement that I climbed the stairs, all the time thinking "WOW!  I am really in Cinderella Castle!!"  It was almost a surreal moment.

I made my way up the stairs to the dining room, and oh!  How beautiful it is!

My breakfast order was taken, and in the mean time, I was presented with this yummy plate full of pastries and fresh fruit!  They were good, and I ate most of it!

My Princess visits began shortly after, and they were all done by the time my breakfast arrived.  That was nice, since I didn't have to stop eating every time one of them stopped by.

First was Snow White.........

Then came Princess Jasmine............
Now the funny thing here, is it was the same "Jasmine" as last night at Akershur..........and she actually remembered me!!

Next to my table was Aurora.

Then my breakfast arrived..........

Before I even had a chance to start eating, Ariel arrived........then I could settle in and really enjoy this yummy food!

I had a great server named Kriztine.  We joked as her name is the same as mine, just spelled with a z instead of an s.  Her name originated in eastern Europe, as my spelling comes from Sweden. 

After finishing my breakfast, and having the first breakfast coffee of my trip, I texted my friend Amy and told her where to meet me.  I stopped off at the washroom before heading to the New Fantasyland entrance to meet her, and here she comes to the bathrooms as I was walking out!

We headed into New Fantasyland, as this was another reason for my trip.  Only Storybook Circus was open back on my last trip in October, so I wanted to spend as much time there as possible.

We headed to The Voyage of the Little Mermaid, as I wanted to experience this attraction once more.

I really love this attraction!

After we left Ariel and her friends, we headed to see the progress of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coater.  I still am amazed as how large this is going to be.  I look forward to our "hopeful" 2015 trip so I will be able to ride!!  It's kinda neat being able to see construction, and then thinking about being able to ride on the completed project at a future date!

After we took a peek, we headed over to Dumbo!  I was not able to get that in earlier in the trip, and I loved going on the new updated attraction back in October. 

We got Dumbo purple!

Love going high!

Right after we left Dumbo, we headed over to Goofy's Barnstormer.  This is the shortest attraction at Magic Kingdom, but it's just so much fun!!

After leaving Goofy behind, we went to Mickey's Philharmagic, as I didn't do that the week before either.

Then on to It's a Small World.  How can anyone ever get tired of this attraction?  I think I notice something different each time I am there.
After we left Small World, we went over to the "Tangled " rest area.  This is just so well done.  I wish they would have put some kind of attraction there, or will at some point.  That would be awesome!

Look at that beautiful sky!!!

As we were in this area, Amy said there is a place where you can find hidden Pascals.  So, we went on the hunt, and found 5 of them!

Not to give them all is one, see if you can find the rest when you go!!

After our search, we walked over to Be Our Guest, to get in line for lunch.
Along the way, I spotted this in the pavement.......

 It was about a 35-40 minute wait, so not really too bad. These are the pictures I took as we made our way through the line.

Here are some of the pictures from inside, and what we ordered for lunch.  I had a roast beef sandwich, and Amy had the roast pork.  I got the chocolate cream puff included with my lunch for my quick service plan, so we split that!  It was very yummy!

After we got done eating, we went to take a few pictures, and then have someone take a picture of us together!

When we left the restaurant, we walked over to Gaston's Tavern, and he was out doing a meet and greet.  However, they were going to take a break so we could not get in line.  Bummer........but we were standing there watching him, and "swooning" and that got his attention. 

I was also able to get his autograph! 

We made our way back through Fantasyland and had a mission to hit Big Thunder Mountain before Amy had to leave to go pick up her daughter from school.

First we took a train ride around the park.  Then headed to Big Thunder Mountain.

It's really amazing that people have to be told to keep your "hands, arms, feet and legs inside the train car at all times" on the Walt Disney Railroad.  Are some guests at WDW really that "unknowing"?  We guess so!
After our ride on Big Thunder Mountain, I said a sad goodbye to Amy, and gave her a big hug.  It will be a while before I get to see her again.  Next time Paul will be with me again as we are able to be together again. 
I went over to get a FastPass for Splash Mountain, and I had about an hour to wait, so I went over to Adventureland and got my Dole Whip for the trip.  Then, I went over for one last visit at The Enchanted Tiki Room, before making my way back to Splash Mountain.

I love these guys in the introduction to the show before being let in. 

Onward I go to take advantage of my Splash Mountain FastPass!  I really love this attraction!!

 Here we go!

Up up we go!  Get Ready!!
 YA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!  Look at all those people with ponchos on so they don't get wet!  WHO CARES I SAY!!!!

We got stuck, in this spot for 10 minutes!  They finally turned off the waterfall after about 5 minutes.........I got more wet at this point that on the drop into the briar patch!

Look at that beautiful sun!!!!

After that fun, I headed out, and Woody and Jessie were having a meet and greet, so I got in the rather long line.  It was about a 20 minute wait, but I was in no hurry. 

A big hug from Woody!  What a way to make my day better!
 I had a stirring conversation with Woody, explaining why I had no Woody pin on my lanyard.  I had to explain that I would never trade his pin, so they were left at home!  He was clapping!

 I think these are some of my favorite pictures from the trip! 

After my time with Woody and Jessie, I took a stroll over to see The Liberty Belle River Boat.  Got my last Mickey Ice Cream bar to enjoy as I watched it float past.

I made my way back to Main Street, and it was only about 5 minutes before 5pm.  One of the things on my list for this trip was to observe the flag retreat.  Perfect timing, as they were just getting ready to begin.  This ceremony really brought tears to my eyes.  I am so happy I did not miss it.
the Dapper Dans were there to sing, and some young ladies said the Pledge of Allegiance.  There was a veteran who assisted with the lowering of the flag.  

 Main Street Philharmonic played.........

The honored veteran of the day.

After the ceremony was over, I headed out of the park, saying a very teary eyes farewell.....I will see you again in a couple years.  As a matter of fact, as I am tying this, I am tearing up.  The strong attachment I have to this park, will be with me always.

I just could not take myself away to head to the bus, so I went over to hop on the Monorail for the ride I had yet to take during this visit.  I just went on the Magic Kingdom loop and then off.  

As I see the Monorail approach, I could not have been more thrilled!  I got to ride the Iron Man Monorail!

  How cool is this????

Waiting for my resort bus, I get one last view of the Monorail.

Thanks for reading this installment!  I hope you enjoyed my last tour of Magic Kingdom!  It was a very fun day, but like I said....a real mixed bag of emotions.  Stay tuned this week for my experiences on my very last day at Walt Disney World on this solo trip.  
I head for Downtown Disney!


  1. It looks like a perfect Disney day. From the empty park and the Cinderella Breakfast, through the rides (and you got to do a lot of them in one day), with Amy, and on to the flag ceremony....and iron man monorail..very cool. I have one question. Come were alone...a whole restroom to yourself... did you sing?

  2. HA! I was ready to break out in song! Thanks for reading, and I am glad you enjoys the post!!