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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Going solo at Walt Disney World! is fun! (Day 2)

Day two of my solo trip started out early.  I made the decision to head to Magic Kingdom again.  Many things I did not do the previous evening due to weather, and attractions being down, needed to be done!  It looked like another gloomy day ahead, but when you are at WDW, what else can you do, but forge on! 

I began my morning just walking around taking some pictures around the flag, and the fire station. I went over and got my Fastpass for the Princesses in Town Square Theater. I talked to Chief Smokey and got his autograph.  

 Then, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of Marie!  Oh, sweet little Marie!  Hers is the second autograph in my book.

After my picture with Marie, I went back to the theater, as it was time for my FastPass for the Princesses.  First, I went to visit Mickey as there was only about a 10 minute wait.

As I left the visit to Mickey on my way to enter the front of the building to go back in, who is there doing pictures, but the sweet Mary Poppins and Mr. Penguin! 

I got PhotoPass pictures with Cinderella and Aurora, but there was no PhotoPass person taking pictures with Rapunzel, so I just have this one for now.  As soon as my CD comes with all my pictures, I will be doing a separate entry of those great pictures. 

After meeting the Princesses and getting their autographs, I walked "right down the middle of Main Street, U.S.A," and headed over to Pirates of the Caribbean, since that attraction was down the day before.  This time, it was up and running, and only about a 10 minute wait time!!

As it was pouring down rain.......buckets of it....I had to back down and buy a poncho in the gift shop at the Pirates attraction.  I am really glad I did it, as I really needed to do it.  It was raining so hard!

I made my way over to The Enchanted Tiki Room, as I just love this "show."  It's always been a sentimental favorite. 

After the Tiki Room show, I went back out toward Main Street, and at the hub, they were just getting ready for the "Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It Street Party!" Perfect timing, and not many people with the weather.  The rain had stopped for a bit, so that it why they went on with the show.  I had heard announcements later in the day that the show was cancelled due to inclement weather.  So, I really got lucky. 

After the show was over, I headed on part of my quest to get some great pictures of flowers at Magic Kingdom.  I was in the flower mode as I was geared up to go to the EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival on Sunday. 

I believe I achieved my goal!

After my flower search, I headed to Cinderella Castle as the Dream Along With Mickey Show was getting ready to start.  Again, with the weather the way it was, there were not a ton of people there, so I got pretty close to see, and take good pictures.  It's really a great show, and if you have never seen it, you are missing a really fun presentation. 

After the castle show was over, I headed over to Tomorrowland.  Hoping that the People Mover would be running, as that was down the night before as well as Pirates.  Yup!  Up and running it was.  I just love this attraction.  I love all the things you can see when riding on it.

 I purchased some Minnie ears from the Couture Collection, and I am wearing them here!

 As I left Tomorrowland, who was on the bridge, but PUSH the talking Trash Can!  We had a very nice conversation about Chicago, and me traveling alone.  He said he could go around the park and keep me company if I wanted!  :-) 

I made my way back up Main Street, and as it had stopped raining again for a bit, and the sun was starting to peek out, I went to have lunch at Casey's Corner.  I had a Chicago Dog! Hey, gotta keep to my roots, right?

 As I wanted to take a train ride on the Walt Disney World Railroad.  As it was starting to rain pretty good, again I thought that would be a good way to travel.   On my way there, it stopped raining just long enough for the Dapper Dans to come out and sing a few songs.  Perfect timing once again!

On the train now, the rain is coming down in buckets once again.  Oh Florida sun!!  WHERE ARE YOU??

After getting off the train, I went back to Pirates of the Caribbean.  Again, not really a long wait.  About 15 minutes this time.  Everyone was trying to escape the rain right the wait was ok. 

When I came out of Pirates, the rain had stopped again, and I made my way over to Big Thunder Mountain.  There was only a 15 minute wait there, so I went for it.  I was able to get some really good pictures as I waited.

After my thrilling ride aboard the run-away mine train, I made my way back up Main Street, and to the exit.  I Called it a day at Magic Kingdom, and as I left the heavens opened up once again.  I got to my resort, and called Disney Dining.  I had a 6:45 ADR for 1900 Park Fare.  With the rain the way it was coming down, I was not going to be able to make my reservation.  I would have been soaked before I ever even left my resort.  They were going to charge me $10.00 for cancelling at the last minute.  The agent tried to reschedule for another day as I had one evening open, but nothing was available.  She was kind enough to do something to wave the fee.  I was very disappointed though, as I had really wanted to have dinner there, and meet Lady Tremaine and the wicked step-sisters!  For another time I guess.

I made a night of it, as I wanted to get to Animal Kingdom early the next day for rope drop. 
More on day 3 coming up soon!!

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Too bad you missed the Cinderella dinner at 1900 PF. It is one of our favourites and always hilarious. :-)


  2. You did good, what with all that rain. I'm glad you had all those nice experiences, meetings, and rides. :)