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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 8 of our WDW/Cruise Adventure-Our Day at Castaway Cay!

For those of you who don't know, Castaway Cay is Disney's private island.  No other cruise ships may dock there.  Normally, only one Disney cruise ship is there at a time.  

We docked at Castaway Cay even before we woke up that morning.  We had room service again so we didn't have to rush.  We were in no hurry.  After getting our beach gear in order, we headed off the ship. First stop, was the post office.  Not that we were mailing anything, but our pals Chip and Dale were there, and only 5 people in line for pictures told me "we need to do this, now!" 

It was not too far of a walk to where we would catch the tram to take us to Serenity Bay, the adult only area of the island.  

When we arrived, we made our way down the beach a bit, maybe about 3 to 4 minutes walking.  We found some lounge chairs with an umbrella, and at that point, many were already taken, so we got lucky with that.  

After getting settled, we took in some sun, and just as we were starting to get a little warm, the beach bar attendant came along to take orders.  We got the special Pina Colada drink in the take home cups (yes, of course we had to get them!!) Yummy!  Of course, I had to "build" my free-form version of Cinderella Castle on the beach!

We drank some of our drink, and as they were pretty frozen, we made the decision to hit the water for a little bit.  One of the people that were next to us took a few pictures of us out in the water.  then we had to take turns taking each others picture. 

About 15 minutes after we came back to our chairs, we were laying there soaking up some rays to dry off....who comes strolling down the beach?  None other than that wonderful scallywag himself, Jack Sparrow.  We never did see him in Adventureland in Magic Kingdom, so we were thrilled that he was right there with us!  He was awesome, and spent time with people chatting, and taking pictures.  Savvy?

A short time later, we were starting to get hungry, so we packed up our things and headed over to the bathrooms and then headed to the tram and on to get some lunch.   We ate at Cookies too BBQ.  Really great food.  Our server Marko (from Palo) and the head server also from Palo were there working, and remembered us, and called us by name.  We were extremely impressed! Marko's wife was also working at the Castaway Air Bar back at Serenity Bay.  She also remembered us.  
From here, we walked back to the ship as I wanted to stop at "She Sells Sea Shells and Everything Else.  We bought 2 shirts, a photo album and a magnet for my mom.  I buy her a magnet where ever we go.

We found our way over to Mt. Gushmore for some great pictures.  This is the coolest spot!

Then after this we walked back and boarded the ship, as I had an appointment at Senses Spa and Salon for a facial.  It was pretty expensive, but I am worth it, right?  The young lady who did my facial, actually did the wrong one, which was $45.00 more than the one I had the appointment for.  So, when I got the bill, I mentioned the discrepancy to her, and she went and had it corrected right away.  

After my facial, we headed back to the stateroom to change back into swim suites and get our time in on the Aqua Duck!  This was a total blast, and I wish the lines would not have been so long, as I would have loved to do it several more times.

Instead, we headed over to the adult only area pool called Quiet Cove Pool.  

Quiet Cove Pool, one of 3 freshwater pools on the Disney Dream, is a pool located at Deck 11, Forward reserved for Guests 18 years of age and older. Conveniently attached to the pool is the Cove Bar, an elegant "watering hole" for cocktails and other beverages.

After a swim, we went back to the stateroom to get ready for a little bar hopping before dinner, and of course, at it was the night for the Pirates in the Caribbean Party, we had to put on out pirate outfits!  
The show that night was a magician called Mike Super who was appearing in The Walt Disney Theater.  We took a pass on that show, as we really wanted to explore the ship this evening.  The first stop, was Bon Voyage Bar where we enjoyed yummy Rum Runners beverages.  

Tinkerbell was in the lobby, so we went and had our picture taken with her.  She was so tiny!

And, upstairs was Stitch!

Off to the Pirate party on deck.  Cute show, fun music!

 After some exploring of shops, etc., we headed off to dinner.  They made special arrangements for us per our request to eat at Animator's Palate since we missed that spot on rotation the night we had dinner at PALO.  We even got our own table, which was really nice.

The menu at all of them was the Pirate's Menu, which didn't thrill us all that much, but the food we had was good.  Dessert was the best part!

After dinner, we looked for Capt. Hook and Mr. Smee for some pictures.  We found 'em!

 After pictures, we headed back to Currents Bar to relax and watch the Fireworks at Sea!  Pretty interesting concept for sure!

When we arrived back at the stateroom, we found an invader in our room.  A Pirate hanging.......on a hanger, but he brought along some more yummy Sleepy chocolates with him!!

Off to bed, and the next day.....unfortunately, what will be our last day on board, was a full day at sea.  Some very special surprises, and very touching moments awaited us.


  1. I love how you take advantage of every opportunity and make a full day of it all.
    I enjoyed reading about the whole day. :)

    1. Thank you so much! We will for sure take a seven day cruise next time though. I need more time on the Aqua Duck!