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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Disney+Dream = a great adventure awaits! Part VII

Good Sunday afternoon to you all!  This week brings major perspective to is definitely running short!  We are now only 9 days away from our departure date, and I am OH SO NOT READY!  I want to be, but working full time, really is stressing me out, that I am not going to be ready!  Fortunately, I am taking my vacation from work starting on 10/7/12 so I have a couple days before to leave to tie up loose ends, and finalize picking up those last minute items for the trip.  I am going to start "soft packing" today, so as soon as I am done here, that is what I will be doing.  

As we cover the final segment of what we are looking forward to for our cruise aboard the Disney Dream,I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank the members of this blog, and all readers for taking this "pre-journey" with us.  Doing the research and posting this has etched in my mind detailed information that I might not have discovered, and then put into use.  So, thank you!  Let us set sail on this  last "leg", so to speak.

Castaway Cay- Disney's Private Island, is a Bahamian island which is located at lat. 26.0938170, lon. 77.5294880.  Not into geography?  Well, I am! 

According to Disney Cruise Line, this is what you can find to do on Castaway Cay!

From start to finish, your day at Castaway Cay is full of delightful discoveries. Be sure to bring along the Castaway Cay-vents schedule found in your stateroom. Here are just some of the noteworthy locales and activities:
Pelican Plunge
Swimming distance from shore is the new 2,400-square-foot floating platform—adorned with nautical flotsam and jetsam. At this water-play area and platform, which celebrates the island's native pelicans, take a ride on one of the 2 twisting water slides and end up in the refreshing lagoon. Or, get soaked by the giant "bucket dump" that delivers hundreds of gallons of water on eagerly awaiting bathers beneath.

Cool off at the brand-new, 2,400-square-foot water play area and find yourself immersed in what appears to be the remnants of a washed-away beach dwelling. The watery fun begins as you enter the storm-ravaged structure. Be greeted by dripping pipes, broken plumbing and hissing misters that have been exposed and twisted by the tropical tempest that wiped out the original structure.

Scuttle's Cove
The youngest cruisers will enjoy this sandy play spot, a "hub" of youth activities supervised by Disney counselors from the ship. Scuttle's Cove now features a new whimsical water play area: a 1,200-square-foot soft wet deck area provides fresh-water fun with an array of pop jets, geysers and bubblers. With organized activities and Monstro's Point—a giant whale-bone excavation site—kids will be delighted all day long. (A limited number of all-terrain wheelchairs can be obtained here.)

Marge's Barges & Sea Charter Dock
Charter a boat and then get on board for offshore recreation like snorkeling, fishing, parasailing and sightseeing in Castaway Cay's clear blue waters. Vessels include a glass-bottom boat, a fishing boat and a power catamaran. To accommodate additional excursion boats for parasailing, fishing tours and more, this area has recently been expanded.

Grouper Game Pavilion
Play all day in this fun-filled, shaded recreation area featuring complimentary foosball, ping-pong, pool, shuffleboard, basketball, golf wiffleball—even monster chess and checkerboards! Play classic sand sports at Goofy's Sand Lot nearby.

In Da Shade Game Pavilion
Take a break from the sun to play games, such as table tennis, foosball, billiards and basketball, at this new shaded structure centrally located near Castaway Family Beach.

Sports Beach
Meet at the Sports Beach for beloved beach pastimes, including volleyball and tetherball.

Character Greetings
Throughout the day, meet and befriend some favorite Disney Characters at the Post Office, Gazebo, gangway and elsewhere on Castaway Cay. And don't forget: These are perfect moments for photo ops!

Gil's Fins and Boats
Rent snorkel gear for all family members, along with kayaks, paddleboats, aqua trikes and other water equipment for your day as a marine adventurer.

Flippers & Floats
Rent inner tubes, snorkel masks and fins from this festive location.

Snorkeling Lagoon
Snorkelers of all skill levels will be enchanted by the undersea realm of marine life off Castaway Family Beach. Novices can follow the Discover Trail, and more experienced snorkelers the Explorer Trail. Keep an eye out for the hidden Mickey.

She Sells Sea Shells...and Everything Else
Be sure to stock up at this gift shop featuring exclusive Disney Castaway Cay T-shirts, polo shirts, hats, pins, key chains, magnets and towels—and have Disney cruise staff deliver your purchases to the ship.

Buy the Sea Shore
Pick up a variety of Castaway Cay-exclusive items, along with towels, sunscreen and other beach essentials. This new merchandise location is a complement to She Sells Sea Shells & Everything Else.

Serenity Bay
Is reserved for adults 18 and over.  This is where we will be most of the day.

Gorda Cay, now known as Castaway Cay, was once used as a stop for drug runners. There is an airstrip on the island, but it is no longer in regular use nor maintained. Gorda Cay has also been used for filming; the beach where Tom Hanks first encounters Daryl Hannah in Splash is on the island. 

Of the islands 1000 acres, only 55 have been developed for guest use, leaving the rest of the island unspoiled and untamed.  

Excursions that are offered on the island are:

Castaway Cay Port Adventures—shore excursions specially selected by Disney Cruise Line—let you and your family experience all the best features and recreation of this Bahamian paradise. Disney's knowledgeable guides provide a depth of insight and expertise not found elsewhere, ensuring you the best possible leisure and adventure on a rare tropical terrain.
A Man and Woman Bicycle Past a Disney Cruise Line Ship
Extreme Getaway Package
Splashtacular, Nature Adventures, Active Adventures, Family Adventures
4-in-1 fun under the sun! Relax in an inner tube, snorkel in the Caribbean blue, get up-close and personal to real live stingrays and then go biking along an offshore trail.Learn more about this Port Adventure.
Disney Cruise Line Guests Pet a Stingray on Castaway Cay
Castaway Ray's Stingray Adventure
Nature Adventures, Splashtacular, Family Adventures
Immerse yourself in a wondrous water adventure where you're invited to feed, touch and even snorkel amongst real-live stingrays.Learn more about this Port Adventure.
Parasailing with a Disney Cruise Line Ship in the Background
Active Adventures
Fly high in the sky above Disney's own Castaway Cay during a breathtaking aerial adventure — and discover a panoramic view of paradise. Learn more about this Port Adventure.
Disney Cruise Line Guests Explore the Waters of Castaway Cay on Waverunner Watercraft
Watercraft Ski Adventure – Single Rider
Splashtacular, Active Adventures, Nature Adventures
Take the wheel of your own WaveRunner watercraft on an amazing guided tour through paradise while learning about the tropical marine life and compelling history of the region. Learn more about this Port Adventure.
Disney Cruise Line Guests Navigate the Waters of Castaway Cay on Watercraft Built for 2
Watercraft Ski Adventure – Double Rider
Splashtacular, Active Adventures, Nature Adventures
Navigate your own WaveRunner watercraft with a family member or friend on a guided tour through crystal blue waters while hearing about the region's many treasured wonders. Learn more about this Port Adventure.
Disney Cruise Line Guests Kayak in the Crystal-Blue Waters of Disney's Castaway Cay
Walking and Kayak Nature Adventure
Family Adventures, Active Adventures, Nature Adventures
Stroll the scenic tropical terrain on a guided walking tour before embarking on a kayak adventure and uncovering the tranquil side of Castaway Cay. Learn more about this Port Adventure.
Port Adventures are operated by independent contractors that are neither agents of, nor supervised or controlled by, Disney Cruise Line. Disney Cruise Line does not maintain their facilities or modes of transportation and is not responsible for any injury or property damage/loss that Guests may incur in connection with a Port Adventure. All Port Adventures are subject to the Disney Cruise Line Cruise Contract. All Port Adventures are subject to availability and/or cancellation based on weather, itinerary changes, and attendance. Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult on Port Adventures except for specific "teen only" Port Adventures. All prices are subject to change without notice. Cancellations can be made up to 3 days prior to the cruise departure date. After that time all reservations are final and non-refundable.

We are going to attempt to do the Run Disney Castaway Cay 5K. Now, for those who know me well, know that with my bad knee running is out of the question.  I have been told by several reliable sources that you can walk the course as well. 

 I am a very fast walker, so I really think I can do this in a timely fashion.  The condition of my foot right now is the question.  I have had a stress fracture in my left foot before, and over the last several days it has been acting up.  I bought an arch support bandage, and if I can get it feeling good before we go, and if I don't abuse it too much at the parks, I will make this attempt.  I did find out that no metals are given out for this event anymore, only certificates, and that is fine with me.  I would just love to be able to complete this, and see more of the Castaway Cay Island than just the beach area.  So, I will not know if I will be doing this, until we board the ship and sign up for it.  I will let you know after we get back. 

So, there you have some of the interesting options on Castaway Cay.  Next week we will rap this story up with a few final words before we leave.  After the trip is over, I will have a synopsis and some great reviews for all of you.  Until next week, smooth sailing to you all.  

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  1. So many choices! What are you going to choose? Para sailing?
    Sounds like something for everyone, and not enough time for anyone! (which means a good time)
    I see why you are sooo excited!