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Friday, August 4, 2017

FOODIE FRIDAY HAS RETURNED! Guest Blogger Cathy Cole Tells Us About Satu'li Canteen!

HI All........and welcome back to "FOODIE FRIDAY!"  We are pleased to present my guest blogger for today, Cathy Cole as she shares her experience at the Satu'li Canteen at Disney's Animal Kingdom and it's newest area, PANDORA-The World of Avatar!  

I want to thank Cathy for this informative submission today, and I look forward to experiencing this myself soon!

The day I was there, I ordered something that I had heard about and was curious to try, the cheeseburger pods. The pods were bread-like, and I found out that they were steamed like Chinese bao buns. I had never heard of, seen, or tasted bao buns before. I cut the bun open,and looked inside the steamed buns.  
Before biting into it, I first pulled a piece of the bread and tasted it, and found it light, fluffy and porous, and very much like bread, rather than a dumpling. I liked it. Then I took a full bite of the pod and enjoyed the sandwich, which many have declared to taste just like a cheeseburger. It tasted to me like a Sloppy Joe. It was loose Hamburger meat, with relish, and what tasted to me like a ketchup and mustard. The chips that accompanied the pods were veggie chips, which provided color, crispness and flavor.
 Another fun thing about the meal was the slaw. The cabbage slaw was unusual in that is was not tossed with a dressing but rather topped with beads.  When you bit into the bead, it burst with liquid flavor of a light and refreshing slaw dressing. When you ate the bead with the slaw cabbage, it was a delightful texture and flavor. 

I have heard wonderful things about the desserts and may have to return and taste the chocolate dessert which I've heard is fabulous. The dessert I tried was a blueberry cheese cake. On a spongy crust, the cake looked like a blue speckled dome.
 Inside the bright blue thin layer of gel, was a purple blueberry cream cheese mousse. It was light and delicious. On top of the cake was what had the appearance of an egg yolk, but was actually a passion fruit curd. A dollop of white macaroon in the shape of a tear drop topped the curd.  This cake was divine, beautiful, and refreshing.

Here are some of the shots Cathy took from inside the Canteen.  A very interesting place indeed!

Cathy also purchased the souvenir mug that has a detachable Pan Flute that actually works!

A big thank you goes out to Cathy for sharing her experience at Satu'li Canteen!!

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