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Thursday, April 9, 2015


It's so much fun looking back at old park maps from previous trips.  I was looking through a stack of items that I had kept from a trip I had taken with my boys and their father back in 1997.  It was the end of March at we stayed at Wilderness Lodge for the first time.  Disney's Hollywood Studios was still under the name Disney-MGM Studios back then.  Yes, I am "old school" and loved it in it's pure form.  Not that I don't appreciate and cherish change.......and I loved the Sorcerer Hat, just not it's location blocking the beautiful view that we now have again of The Great Movie Ride home.  It's a stunning view up Hollywood Blvd. of "old Hollywood."  I can't wait for our next trip when I can view that again, and Paul will be seeing it for the first time.  His first trip since 1975 was in 2010 with me on our honeymoon, so he has never seen the park "pre-hat."  

Tales abound that the name is going to be changed again this year.  With curiosity, I hold my breath waiting for the news on the change.  

For now, enjoy these old park map pictures from the week of March 23- April 7, 1997.


  1. Love! So fun to see how the parks have changed over the years. My first visit ever was 2004 with the hat and the name "MGM". 😄

    1. Sara, I am old school MGM......say it before the hat at the beginning. Such a great park, and this hat removal (even though I loved it) brings it closer to its glory days !