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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mickey finds!

Last night we had a family dinner at a local pizza place.  The location of this restaurant is in our town, and actually used to be a theatre years ago.  The Lans Theatre had a pipe organ in it, and it is still there. The organ is a 1927 Barton Theater Pipe Organ Someone does play every Tuesday and Friday nights.  

Last night when we were there, we were sitting in a location where I noticed these two Mickey statues and I (for some reason,) never noticed them before.  

I just felt compelled to share them with you today.  They are each in the range of about 24-26 inches high.  They are up high, so it's kind of hard to tell for sure.  
Please comment below if you have ever seen anything like them before.  


Steamboat Willie


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