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Thursday, November 27, 2014

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from Our Family to Yours!

Wishing you all a Very Happy Thanksgiving day.  May you and your family be blessed today, and every day with health, and good fortune.  

If you are "shopping" today, please be kind to those of us who have to work.  We can't be with our family and friends like most people.  Please, don't yell at cashiers.  They are only doing their job.  They will be doing the best they can, with the information they have been given, or what comes up on the register.  They don't set the prices, the company they work for does.  They have no control over it.  If they have to call for help with something, be patient.  They have to wait for an answer.  There is no need to swear or, or be nasty to anyone working in a store, or anyone waiting on a table you are sitting at in a restaurant.   After being in retail for a good part of 20 years, I have seen it all. 
Thank you.

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