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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Why I will Miss WISHES at Walt Disney World, and How I Look Forward to Happily Ever After!

WISHES.......if you are a Walt Disney World lover, the word has a deep seeded meaning.

WISHES Nighttime Spectacular music, fireworks and animation presentation at Cinderella Castle has been around for 14 years!  I never got to see it in person until 2010 when Paul and I went to Walt Disney World for our Honeymoon.

I saw my first YouTube Video of WISHES several years before.  I had not been able to go to WDW for over eight years.  I was divorced, and a single Mom, so I just could not afford it.  I was doing everything in my power just to stay above water holding down two jobs, working over 70 hours a week, paying rent, making car payment, etc.

I fell in love with the concept and the music from WISHES as the words to the music were what I was feeling in my heart.   "Anything your heart desires.....will come to you."  I always told myself that something will happen to get me back there.  The man of my dreams and wishes came into my life, and he did just that.

"I am wishing, someday my Prince will come!"

On January 30, 2010 I finally got to see WISHES in person, and I literally wept through the entire show! I was not only crying because I was finally seeing it in person, but I was with someone I love so dearly!
Not sad tears, but tears of joy.

Now however, is a totally different story.  Something that has meant the world to me, is now going away, and I will never see it in person again.

The last presentation of WISHES will be tonight, May 11.  The show that will replace WISHES will be titled HAPPILY EVER AFTER and will begin tomorrow night, May 12.

Happily Ever After tapings of vocal and orchestra have been making their way to YouTube, and I am actually very excited about this new presentation, and look forward to seeing it in person in the not too distant future!

If Disney stays true to what they have with the Cinderella Castle presentations like WISHES, and HALLOWISHES for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, and the Holiday Wishes presentation.........I don't think they will let us down!

Click on the link below to see and hear what is headed our way.

Remember, we must all believe in our wishes.
For they are the magic in the world.
Now, let's all put our hearts together
And make a wish come true.

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