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Monday, June 20, 2016

Finding Dory - My "Review"

As I usually do when I do a review, I will not be letting out any "spoilers" here.  What I will say, short and sweet is this.  GO SEE THE FILM!  I waited years for this, fourteen to be exact!  

The Pixar short film before the movie began was ADORABLE!!!!!!!  It's called "Piper" and I enjoyed it very much, as I do all the short films from Pixar.  The cutest little baby bird ever!

Loved every minute of the film, and the actors doing the voices did not disappoint.  I think my favorite are Ellen as Dory, of course, but Ed O'Neill as Hank.......well, you just gotta go see the movie is all.  

One thing I will tell with all Disney/Pixar films there as always a little surprise after the end of the credits..........DON'T LEAVE!!  You will be glad to stayed!

Ellen DeGeneres as Dory
Albert Brooks as Marlin
Ty Burrell at Bailey
Diane Keaton as Jenny
Idris Elba as Fluke
Ed O'Neill as Hank
Eugene Levy as Charlie
Kaitlin Olson as Destiny
Hayden Rolence as Nemo
Dominic West as Rudder
Willam Dafoe as Gill
Vickie Lewis as Flo

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