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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Walt Disney World Resort of the Week- Port Orleans Riverside

Looking back on our stay at Port Orleans Riverside we find fond memories in our minds and hearts.  Even though it was not one of my favorite places to stay, we still did enjoy our time there.  

The reason I say not one of our favorites is there were a few small issues we had, none of them earth shattering.  I think our biggest issue was the size of the resort.  It was, for us, just too big.  

Next week, we will be staying at its sister resort, Port Orleans French Quarter, which is a much smaller resort.  

But for now, lets focus on Riverside.  We do have some beautiful photos to share with you, and some information to go along with them, so we will get started. 

The entry way into the resort is beautifully landscaped, and gives you a welcome feeling.  

The inside lobby area is lovely.  

The boat frame hanging from the ceiling at Boatwright's Dining Hall is unique.

Strolling around the grounds while we waited for our room to be ready.

                                                                   Riverside Ducks
                                                           Main Pool, Ol' Man Island

There are 2,048 Mansion and Bayou rooms.  963 Bayou rooms have trundle beds.  More than 500 of the Magnolia Bend rooms are designated "Royal Guestrooms," and they feature special touches inspired by Disney's animated classics (all feature regals of some sort), special effects, custom bed coverings and drapes, artwork which features Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog and other regals.

The Bayou rooms surround Ol' Man Island.  They are of the rustic variety.  We did not stay in this area.  

We opted for the Magnolia Bend area.  Beautiful, and stately plantation mansion type structures.

We really did enjoy staying in this area.  It was so peaceful, especially in the evenings.  

Dining location for this resort are Boatwright's Dining Hall which is a 200-seat table service location.  It serves Cajun specialties and American fare for dinner only.  

Riverside Mill is the food court and it resembles an old-fashioned cotton mill with a working water wheel that powers the cotton press inside.  The five counter-service stands here offer all sorts of choices.  

Muddy Rivers which is the poolside bar serving beer, wine, cocktails and specialty drinks and soft drinks.  This is open seasonally. 

The River Roost is situated in a room that is designed as a cotton exchange.  This lounge features specialty drinks, and light hors d' oeuvres.  This is the home of the one and only (and a MUST see when you are at Walt Disney World, IMHO) Bob Jackson, aka......Yehaa Bob!

Bob gets everyone into the act, including Paul and some of our friends we were with!

                                                                     YMCA anyone?

We hope you enjoyed seeing some of this beautiful moderate resort.  Come back again next week to see where we will be!

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