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Friday, July 3, 2015


This week on FOODIE FRIDAY, we are once again sailing aboard the Disney Wonder.  This time we are dining on the third night of our cruise in the Animator's Palate.

Our experience at Animator's Palate was very nice, but again on this cruise we caught it on Pirate Night, so it was not the regular menu.  It's really odd, how the same thing happened to us when we were on the Disney Dream in 2012.  Just our luck!  The first thing I ordered was something I had on the Dream as well, and forgot that I didn't care for it.  I told our server, and he promptly whisked it away, and asked me what I wanted instead.  No hesitation.  Now, that's service right??

                                           Pirates invading the table!

                                          Pirates, pirates everywhere!

I just love all the animation coming to life with color as you dine!!

Of course, I had to get the animation with my girl Ariel!

Join us again next week, as we dine on the Disney Wonder for night #4!  See you then!

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