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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Reflecting ........

Yesterday was my 57th birthday.  As God as my witness, I never thought I would be this old.  The old saying, there by the grace of God go really true. You have to wonder sometimes why others die, and you press on.  Why some die young, and those like my Mom at 92 are still here to walk the earth.

Live the life you want.  That is the point here.  If you don't do the things you want today, you may not have the chance tomorrow. Be the best you can, do good, and share what you have.   The song I have posted below by Rob Thomas from the movie Meet the Robinsons called "Little Wonders" states "these small hours still remain"........and this is truly what we have.  Small hours, so make the most of all those small hours and cherish them with all your heart.                Please click on the link to open to video.

The blog today is dedicated to those who are no longer with me, and to those who have lost friends and loved ones from their lives way too soon.  

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