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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 3 of our WDW/Cruise Adventure! MAGIC KINGDOM (Section one)!

Day 3 of our WDW/Cruise Adventure! MAGIC KINGDOM! (Section one)

Day 3 began fairly early as we had a special meet-up planned.  We headed out for what would turn into a very exhausting day.  As I reflect on this day, I really remember how tired I was by the time I crashed and burned on the bus around 11:30pm! (more on section 2 later in the week.)

To start out, we did our favorite attraction.  Pirates of the Caribbean.  It has always been the first thing I do when I am at Magic Kingdom. 

Then we headed over to another favorite, Jungle Cruise.  We had a really young "skipper" (or maybe they just seem to be getting younger-I think I am just getting older!)

After we made it back to civilization in a safe manor, we headed to meet up with my friends.  We were meeting Joe and Chrissy (who we were with at EPCOT the day before,) but we were also meeting up with someone who has become very special to me.  Amy Falk Petermann who is .  She is co-creator, and head author at The Relocated Tourist.  If you have never read this blog, make sure to stop by.  She always has great tips, and wonderful stories about her experiences at WDW from the perspective of a former "tourist", now local.  
Amy and I connected through the Disney Facebook community, WDW Radio, Lou Mongello and her blog over the last couple years.  I knew she was special, but now I know that first hand.  What a doll she is!
Here are Amy and I in front of Cinderella Castle!

We then all headed off to Pirates!  Hey, I always have to do my favorite attraction at least twice!!
After that, we made our way to Big Thunder Mountain.  Another of my favorite attractions at Magic Kingdom.  After we left there, we went to Haunted Mansion.  I love the new extended, and interactive queue area.  So many cool things to do, and try.  We had no wait, so almost went through too fast.  I would have loved to spend a little more time there.  

 Here we are as a group with our favorite "bust"

Madame Leota's ring in the cement.......see it???

On to Liberty Belle Riverboat.  It had been years since I have been on this boat.  My favorite part about it, is the great pictures you can get from the "water side" of other attraction such as Big Thunder Mountain, and Haunted Mansion.

 See what I mean about the pictures???  I just love seeing this side!!

A zoom in of the roof of Haunted Mansion, really shows those "Chess Pieces" on top!

I just loved getting the "boat view" perspective of these attractions!  

Thank you Liberty Belle Riverboat!!

Paul and I had lunch reservations at noon at Crystal Palace, so we had to bid goodbye to our friends.  Gave Amy a big hug, in hopes that we will be able to see each other again in the not too distant future, and spend more time together.   

Lunch was great as always at Crystal Palace.  Not only is the food good, and the atmosphere charming, but having lunch with "Pooh and Friends" is always a treat.  Those who know me well, know that Eeyore is one of my very favorite characters.  I sat like a little kid jumping up and down in my seat waiting for all the characters to come by the table for pictures, but especially Eeyore!  
I lucked out, as Eeyore was first!!

                                                                                Don't pull his tail!

 Cute little Piglet!!
 Tigger wanted to bounce!
Sweet Winnie the Pooh!

After lunch, we went to Splash Mountain, which was down earlier when we were with our friends.  It was back up and running, and about a 20 minute wait.  Paul had never been on this attraction before.  Our last trip in 2010, Splash Mt. was down for refurbishment for a couple months, so we had to miss it.  

After Splash Mountain, we headed to Hall of Presidents.  

Here is a picture of my all time favorite President!!  And, what a President he was.  

After we left Hall of Presidents, we went back to Adventureland, and I had Paul get in line for a Dole Whip, and I made my way over to Sunshine Tree Terrace, and ordered a Citrus Swirl!  YUMMY!!!

I made it through my line quicker, so I waited for him, and we shared our treats with each other.  

After our treats, we went over to Magic Carpets of Aladdin.  I had never been on this attraction before, and it is just as I thought.........just like Dumbo.  Cute, but not a "rock your world" experience. 
We then exited the park for a couple hours, and caught our bus for the resort to we could rest a little, and change into our costumes to head back for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!  More on the evening portion of Day 3 later this week!! 
Until then, think about is Mickey's birthday.  Remember, "it all started with a Mouse," and we would not be doing anything like this if it was not for Walt Disney, and our beloved Mickey Mouse!!  Happy Birthday Mickey!

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful day, Kris. I'm so glad that you and Amy met, and are becoming good friends. :) The magic of Disney!
    I do understand, though, how exhausted you must have been after such a long day.
    You did so many things that day. :)
    Thank you for sharing this day. :)
    P.S. These pics are great! (oh,and that's my favorite president as well)